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At the heart of the DTFV

The Hospitality Zone

The Hospitality Zone is the heart of the Daily Trade Fair, with a magnificent show kitchen and stands on both sides. Surrounding this is an area of 900m2, which serves as a restaurant and event space, for example, to give special attention to new concepts or even collaborations.

We want to offer you a central place that stimulates and inspires all your senses. A place that we design and curate together with our partners. Ultimately, the question will not be "What is DTFV Hospitalty anyway?", but "What is it not?". In short, a concept that is alive - Because we work together: from kitchen designer to supplier, from interior design to realization, from farmer to plate and from grape to glass.

What to expect in our Hospitality Zone:

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Our Membership Model:

In addition to our showrooms, we also offer 5 different packages (Green, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black) with different privileges and communication options. Our goal is to create an engaging business club of entrepreneurs, authorities, and other partners

Our colleagues will be happy to inform you about the advantages of the individual packages. Contact us.