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Want to become an exhibitor?

Unique sales location

Exhibitors at the Daily Trade Fair benefit from a favorable rate of less than € 1, - per day. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please let us know, we will be happy to show you the location and discuss it with you.

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A unique and affordable location!

The Daily Trade Fair is a concept by and for exhibitors; one fixed price and no commission or additional costs. We use the same rate for everyone! Transparency is very important to us, the m² price is less than € 1, - per day (€ 350, - per year). A fixed percentage is spent on marketing and promotion; we invest heavily in this so that the market can quickly become familiar with the Daily Trade Fair. The results are shared and expenses are accounted for.

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''Every walker is a buyer''

Who is the Daily Trade Fair for?

We focus only on industry related resellers or professional end-users. These are medium to large buyers from the Hospitality, Home-, Gift- & Garden branches. Our visitors get inspiration and buy larger quantities, the entire buying process is facilitated through our purchasing app. The registration and customer reception is taken care of by the Daily Trade Fair.

These are our visitor groups:

  • Garden centers and flower shops
  • Home and furniture stores
  • Cookery stores and concept stores
  • Stylists and interior designers
  • Hotels, restaurants and cafés
  • Event organisers
  • Garden and interior architects
  • Facility managers

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A new office concept in a unique location

Want to become an exhibitor?

A year-round fair full of inspiration and experience.

  • Open 350 days a year
  • Your own showroom in Venlo with international reach
  • Inspiration and experience all under one roof
  • Cross pollination between exhibitors
  • Visitors scan the products themselves
  • Less than € 1,- per day per m²
  • Participation via packages also possible
  • Ample (free) parking space
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Activities & Events

The Daily Trade Fair is open all year round. Neighbouring events and activities are organized regularly, either by the Daily Trade Fair itself or by other organizations in the sector. These activities have a major appeal to new visitors, and existing customers also find plenty of inspiration here.
New seasons are also always introduced with special activities for visitors. The Daily Trade Fair offers plenty of opportunities to organize events. This can be done in extra exhibition halls or in the authentic auction hall which can accommodate 312 people.

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