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A unique sales location for less than € 1,- a day

Daily Trade Fair offers exhibitors their own showroom in Venlo. The buying process is fully facilitated. The registration policy and customer reception are provided by Daily Trade Fair.

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A unique and affordable location

The Daily Trade Fair is based in the former FloraHolland fl ower auction. This is a distinctive building located in Flora Trade Parc Venlo. Some 35,000 sector-specifi c retailers from all over Europe already visit this wholesale mall. A tunnel even provides a direct link between the cash-and carries on this site and the Daily Trade Fair. With uncongested motorways in all directions and multiple airports in the immediate vicinity, Flora Trade Parc Venlo is not only centrally located within North-West Europe but also highly accessible. It also has a very densely populated catchment area: some 30 million consumers live within two hours’ travel of Venlo.

The m2 price is less than € 1 a day (€ 350 a year). The Daily Trade Fair is a concept created by and with exhibitors, with a fi xed price and no commission or additional costs. We apply the same rate for everyone. Transparency is very important to us. Results are shared and expenditure is accounted for. Hence a fixed percentage is spent on marketing and promotion. We are working hard on this so that the market can quickly discover the Daily Trade Fair.

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Open 350 days a year

Who is the Daily Trade Fair for?

Daily Trade Fair is aimed at medium and large buyers in the home, gift and garden sector who are accustomed to buying in full cartons or larger packaging units.

These include:
• Garden centres
• Florists
• Interiors retailers
• Gift retailers
• Stylists
• Event organisers
• Larger hospitality (chains)

Events and activities

The Daily Trade Fair is open all year round. Extra events and activities are organised regularly, both by the Daily Trade Fair itself and by other organisations in the sector. The activities and events have great appeal for new visitors, and existing customers can also fi nd plenty of inspiration here. These events naturally also generate additional media interest. New seasons are also launched with special activities for visitors. There are plenty of opportunities to organise events at the Daily Trade Fair. This can be done in additional halls or in the authentic auction room which seats 312 people.

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Your own showroom in Venlo where the sales process is fully facilitated.

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