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Catering software: QR ordering, Kiosks, Web shops

A digital extension for QR ordering, kiosks and pick-up & delivery web shops.
The Dutch innovative “Jamezz” is the most trusted and most developed self-order platform in Europe and can be fully integrated with your cash register system. The company has now been embraced in 12 countries by more than 1,500 companies from large to small, including organizations such as Topgolf, Van der Valk, Blijdorp, Westcord, Europarcs, Ramada, Meyer Beheer and most of the progressive medium and small catering companies.

What sets Jamezz apart is that the software can be applied to all ordering processes within a company, meaning Jamezz offers added value for almost every catering company. Jamezz offers the most extensive and widely applicable forms of popular QR ordering, beautiful take-away ordering column software and clear collection and delivery web shops.


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