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Roger Wanrooij

Extraordinary Handcrafted Artworks

Roger Wanrooij, an exceptional self-taught artist, transcends the boundaries of imagination and beauty with unique, stylish, handmade works of art inspired by all facets of marble. From an early age, Roger felt an irresistible urge to express his creativity through drawing, which shaped his keen eye for detail and aesthetic sense. Remarkably, he graduated as a pastry chef, enriching his artistic journey with precision and craftsmanship. Roger's fascination with marble resulted in enchanting creations that reflect the elegant essence of this precious stone, with a modern twist. Each new piece enchants the audience and offers an escape from reality, with his mastery unmistakably reflected. Self-taught, Roger's passion and artistic vision have earned him a place in the art world, synonymous with sophistication and unique creativity.

The artist specializes in bringing beauty to homes and offices. His marble-look art is perfect for adding an elegant touch to any space, while his bespoke artwork gives you a truly unique piece that reflects your personality and style. If you're looking for something on a larger scale, his interior painting can transform entire rooms into works of art. He is passionate about what he does and looks forward to working with potential clients.


Roger Wanrooij

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